The (digital) vaccination certificate – is Hungary getting back to the (new) normal?

How is the vaccination sequence regulated in Hungary?

Vaccination is voluntary and is done by those who want to take advantage of the vaccination based on prior registration. There is no predefined vaccination schedule in Hungary. This changes constantly according to prevailing circumstances. Registered elderly persons are currently being vaccinated at the vaccination sites with Pfizer, Sputnik and Sinopharm vaccines. General practitioners are vaccinating patients under 60 of age who have chronic diseases with the AstraZeneca vaccine. There are currently five vaccines available in Hungary: BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, as well as Sinopharm.

Persons who have registered for vaccination will be informed at the vaccination sites of the vaccines currently available. If they decide to purchase other vaccines, they must wait until they are informed of their availability.

Should there be special rights for "vaccinated persons" in Hungary?

The government has not yet decided on the easements to be granted by a vaccination certificate.

Is the (digital) vaccination certificate coming to Hungary?

The Prime Minister has announced the decision of his government to consult people in a so-called “national consultation” according to his preferred schedule for revoking the coronavirus emergency measures. Among other things, it should also be a question of whether Hungary agrees to the introduction of a "vaccination certificate" or whether persons who have already been vaccinated should be able to travel.

A statement is also requested as to whether persons with immunity certificates should be exempted from certain restrictions and whether foreigners may only enter the country if they can present proof of vaccination or an immunity certificate.

The vaccination certificate should be given to those who have already been vaccinated or have already recovered.

The new vaccination certificate contains the following information:

  • For those who have received the corona vaccination, the time of the second vaccination;
  • For those who have already recovered, the day of the negative test or the tenth day after the first positive test or the day on which they left the hospital;
  • For those who do not test positive but have antibodies, the day of the blood sample that confirms the presence of antibodies.

In the first and second case, the issuance of the certificate is free of charge, and in the last case, a fee is payable.

Autor: Beatrix Fakó