Real Estate

A highly complex field: Consulting with regard to real estate law requires a broad range of legal and commercial know-how. Whether it is acquisition or sale, development or administration, utilisation or financing of real estate, we advise you in all aspects relating to properties: From property and building law to corporate and capital market law and tax and environmental law.

The focus is always on your interests and the real estate project with its specific risk structure. Structures that minimise risks are the basis for successful real estate projects. We take the respective special features into account and find the optimum individual solutions for you. With complex and international real estate transactions, we work in interdisciplinary and cross-border teams.

Whether it is purchase, tenancy, leasehold or leasing. Whether it is a building contract, architect contract or general contractor contract. Here, it is precisely about the details for which years of experience in real estate law are required.

Even when it is our goal to avoid conflicts right from the outset with the drafting of a corresponding contract, our consulting services do not end in the case of a dispute. We represent your interests before the (arbitration) courts and in the judicial enforcement of your claims.