The need for consulting with regards to company law frequently arises not only in important strategic decisions but also in everyday business. We provide small, medium-sized and large companies with comprehensive advice in all areas of company law. The range of consulting services ranges from the choice of legal form and the establishment of the company itself to accompaniment in restructuring pursuant to company law and restructuring in the event of a crisis or corporate succession and incorporates all company forms.

Our consulting services are tailored precisely to the commercial goals pursued by you. In particular also in the formulation of articles of association, we develop individual solutions with you and anticipate possible future developments. Our lawyers are seasoned professionals who have years of experience in the advising of companies of all corporate forms. They explain to you courses of action that are tailored to your requirements and develop commercially expedient and future-proof solutions with you.

Advising with regard to company law is also integrated consulting. We therefore provide you with comprehensive advice in all issues of fiscal optimisation of company structures and also involve experienced specialists from the capital market, labour and cartel law fields.