Damage to reputation vs. freedom of opinion - What can be done against bad reviews on the Internet under Hungarian law?

When is a negative company review in Hungary classified as illegal?

A negative review of a company can constitute a violation of the right to privacy, including the right to reputation. This right to privacy is granted not only to natural persons, but also to legal entities. Damage to reputation is deemed to exist in particular if someone makes or spreads false claims relating to another person and injures this person or causes true facts to appear in a false light.

What measures can be taken against unlawful reviews?

The Hungarian Civil Code lists a series of objective sanctions for the violation of the right to privacy, such as, for example, the judicial determination of the violation, the prohibition for the infringing party to carry out further violations, or the restoration of the situation before the violation. In addition, however, the injured party, in some cases the company, can also demand compensation for pain and suffering or compensation from damages.

Can you buy positive fake reviews as a company?

If someone buys a positive fake review, this could fall under unlawful unfair market behaviour. In Hungary, the law on unfair market behaviour determines that it is prohibited to carry out an unfair economic activity - in particular in a form or manner that infringes or jeopardises the legal interests of the clients or the customers, buyers, service recipients and users or the competitors or in breach of the requirements of business ethics.

Autor: Beatrix Fakó